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Some History " Why we built the Alternative Windmill:

My wife and family live on a 12-ac hobby farm and we decided to plant stone fruit for our own use. We had a water hole (Small dam) and we had a deep well bore-hole put down. For about 2years we used a petrol pump to move water to the orchard and to our native trees and shrubs.

One day, I was visiting a friend who is an Electrician and he was messing around with a Savonious rotor sail to generate electricity.  He was not happy with this design and had discarded the sail and left it lying on the ground. After some discussion about what he was going to do with the old sail, a deal was made and I took it home with the idea of using it to pump water for our orchard.

After a few weeks had gone by I had made some attempts to get it in a frame made from wood. Then I had to think up how to get it to pump some water. I found an old rear end from a car , this made an ideal right angle drive. Then I purchased a piston pump that is used on a conventional windmill. Made up a rod and then changed the wooden frame for a steel one. After many months of thinking and cutting and welding it was finally ready to test.

 The day we pumped our first gal water was like winning the lottery, we were very excited.

Since that day we have learned a lot about the way water can be moved and I have meet so many new friends, and to think that it was all because a friend discarded a piece of tin with a funny shape and I just happened to be visiting him on that day.

We now have a beautiful orchard and we have been able to feed our selves for a whole year with jam and bottled fruit as well as make some extra cash with the surplus fruit.

Our native trees and shrubs are doing well and the best part we do not have to spend money on fuel. Every time the wind blows it moves some water around our hobby farm.