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.         The Alternative Windmill  

The Savonious Rotor is no better then the Traditional Windmill, it is just another way of using the wind to move water.

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"  May the Wind Blow your Way  "
By Ken Sulman   Tasmania,  Australia

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Why we built the Savonious Rotor


WheelBarrow Turbine


Steel Wing

Cable Drill Rig

Photo's 1

The Ultimate
14 Ft Alston
Vintage Windmills Down Hole

Savonious Photo's 2

Peter Williams
Western Australia
Challenge 7 FT  KMR Drilling

Rope Pump 1
Rope Pump 2



Updated Photos of the pumping  Arm

For Savonious  Rotor
Now using a double act

My Basic Plans
Savonious Rotor
4 Stack Savonious (new) Wooden Windmill


Iron Turbine


8ft Webb

and applications

INFO about    
Savonious Rotors

 Big Windmills of Australia  24ft

The Windmill Journal
( History of Australian & New Zealand Windmills )


Plava (Savonious) Windmill Southern Cross 8F
Southern Cross
Windmills info
Putting up a 8ft windmill Bike     Windmill
Just for Fun

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