Penstock Lagoon

Penstock Lagoon is located 20 km south of the Great Lake.  and 57 km north of Bothwell . 

It covers 139 ha at an elevation of 920 metres above sea level.  , the lagoon is shallow and weedy and is can handle small dinghies. There is a rough trackto the launching ramp on the western shore near the canal.

This water is reserved for fly fishing only, and is noted as a brown trout fishery, it also has rainbow. Fish of 1-2 kg are normal but fish to 3 kg can be encounted.

The nearest accommodation is at the Great Lake. Camping is un restricted along the western shore

The nearest formal camping is at Pump House Bay (Arthurs Lake) 17 kms away, powered sites are not avalable.

Angling Statistics: It is estermated that 1300 fly fishers visit this water each year.

Penstock Lagoon was formed in 1915 in conjuntion with the Great Lake power development.

Penstock is noted for is summer dun hatches which are best around christmas through to the end of January. Best time is from 10 am till 3pm. It is also noed that late-season jassids, these red and black leaf hoppers appear on warm days during March and April.


Good flys there are. a black fur fly or Mrs simpson ( size 8 )

Popular flys here are:

Red Tag,
Highland Dunn,
Brown Nymph,
Red & Black . (wet)

Bag Day Limit is now 3 fish

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