Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon

Tasmanian's SouthWest Wilderness

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Lake Gordon

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Strathgordon is the gateway to the Gordon River Power Development Scheme.
Situated between Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder.

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The original Lake Pedder was renowned for its awe inspiring beauty. It was concidered by many to be one of the most picturesque waters in the world.

Most of the  Lake is now contained in the boundries of  the South West World Heritage national Park.


Fly fishing is mostly confined to the mudeye hatchs from November to March.

Most anglers can expect the normal lake catchers of one to four trout per day.

Bait fishing  is prohobited.

No person is allowed to fish in any waters flowing in to the lake. As well as McPartlans Canal.

All camping can be done at the northern end of the lake and is also done at   Strathgordon caravan park. Teds beach has a shelter shed with  picnic and toilets.

WARNING..... Lake Pedder is  an extremely large lake and become very roughat little notice.  To assist in scearch and rescue , boating registeration forms may be compleated at the launching sites.

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