Lake King William

This Fishery is a very productive lake, it holds an extremely large number of trout and a few rainbows. When the lake is full it is not uncommon to take your bag limit on a daily basis.
The water is crystal clear.
Being a hydro-electric development, it does suffer severe flucturations in water level.
Good catches are still common even when the level is low.
Most fish are smanll and average from 200-700g (half to one and a half pounds).
Trolling is usally the best way to catch them, bait, spinning and fly fishing are porductive as well.

Access is by the Butlers Gorge Road  to the Clark Dam or, when levels are high, from the Lyell Highway west of Derwent Bridge. A launching ramp and  campsites are available at the Clark Dam. Accommodation is also possible at the  Derwent Bridge Hotel.

The height of the dam is 67m (concrete gravity arch).
Surface area is 41.45km/2

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