Great Lake ( Centeral highlands ) Tasmania

The Great Lake is a massive 17,610 ha hydro electric storage supply. Water is generally cold and clear, though heavy wave action can cause temporary discoloration on exposed shores. The lake is over 1,039 meter's above sea level.

This lake is one of the most under fished waters in Tasmania. It is a vast Clearwater and is home to a huge population of brown trout as well as good numbers of rainbows. The summer dry fly fishing and polaroiding are world class, spin fishing and trolling are very productive, and the set-rod bait fishing will always produce a few fish for the relaxed angler.

Great Lake looks very barren with it's exposed rocky shores.  however, all trout caught are in excellent condition, fight very hard, as well as making a very good table fish.

Most of the brown trout average around a kilo, with some fish often much bigger.   Rainbows average a little heavier.

The best of Great Lake is to be had in the warmer months, excellent beetle hatches always produce good surface activity as well as midge and caddis hatches in the evenings and calm early mornings.

There is currently no formal camping ground a the Great Lake.The nearest camping facilities are at Pump House Bay , Arthur's Lakes . However you can camp around the edge of the Lake in tents or motor homes or campervan, if you want to rough it.

The Great Lake Hotel provides meals and accommodation and has a public bar, the Complete Angler Lodge at Haddens Bay operates as a lodge and restaurant during the peak months of the fishing season. Browns out number Rainbow by about 12/1. Both trout species average close to one kilo. Two kilo fish are regularly landed.

The Great Lake is about a two hour road trip from the major centers of Devonport, Launceston and Hobart.


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The combined average weight of fish in the spawning run was marginally higher that 1996 by approximately 80g. This probably reflects the favorable conditions of elevated water levels during the 1996-97 season.

220 fish sampled:

Average length (mm)......448

Range of length (mm)......335.540

Average weight (g)......982

Range of weight (g)......450-1700