Bronte Lagoon
Central Highlands,  Tasmania.
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Bronte Lagoon maintains a fine head of trout and is one of the most popular fishing spots.

Most shores are flanked by grassy paddocks.   There are some large patches of woodlands about the southern and south-eastern shores.

When the lake is full, tailing fish are the main attraction for fly fishers.    The main  food appears to be shrimps and snails and in the summer and autumn mayflies provide exciting dry-fly fishing.   The best fly fishing is to be found along the southern shoreline from Woodwards Creek to Rowallan Bay.

Trolling and spinning are also very popular.   Trolling from the north of the lake and spinning is enjoyed from all suitable shores and from the boat.  Bait fishing is prohibited.

Bronte Lagoon has a world famoyus reputation as a premier fly fishing water due to the tailing trout in the shallow water early and late in the day, excellent mayfly hatches,brilliant beetle falls,as well as the seasonal fall of the jassid leaf hopper.

Peak fishing in Bronte can start as early as September., through to March.

Toilets exist at Bronte Bay and camping grounds at Bronte Bay, Woodwards Creek, Tailers Bay and Hut Bay. There is also  very good accommadation at the Bronty Highland Village including a backpackers hostal.

Trout normally weigh from 500g-1.4 kgs, fish to 2.3 kgms are not uncomon. Brown trout dominate but there are many rainbows.

Compleated in 1953 it has a surface area of 5.62klms/2

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