Arthurs Lake

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ARTHURS LAKE: offers a realistic chance for an inexperienced angler to catch a trout in the highlands. This is a large 6460 ha storage lake and is 952 metres above sea level when full. The water is very clear and there can be some out standing dry fly fishing which can come on at any time of the day. This Lake also has shallow marsh areas with thick beds of Canadian pond weed and dence stands of drowned dead trees in many places, which make good cover for the fish. Deep rocky shores, these shores are suited to lure casting, trolling and is a popular bait fishing lake. Worms and wattle rubs are good bait as well as mud eyes.

BOATING: is very popular and there are 3 main boat ramps. There are many unmarked , submerged rock and tree stump hazards, many lives have been lost in this lake caused by a sudden build up of waves.

CAMPING: A formal camping ground, offering caravan sites ( no power ), shower, toilets, water camping area and picnic facilities at Pump House Bay.

Trout: from .500 to 2 kg are average.

GOOD SPOTS TO FISH: The Cowpaddock, Creely Bay, Tee-Tree Bay, Morass Bay.

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Ken Sulman

with a lovely brown trout


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Warrick Biship  

This is just a great place to relax.