Islamic Centre Hobart
166 Warwick Street - West Hobart - Australia - 7001
G. P. O. Box 434 - Hobart - Tasmania - 7000 - Australia
Phone N'     03 6234 6998
Tasmanian Muslim Association
( T.M.A )

Executive & Council Members
for year 2003/2004 - 1424/1425

                Abdul Hanan Haroon
                Alias B. Apandy
                Ateem Faroug
                Harun Abdullah
                Kashem Mohammad
                Osman Khan
                Sabri Samson
Board Members of
Islamic Trust of Tasmania Inc

Abdul Hanan Haroon
Alias B. Apandy
Ali El-Senossi
Alija Babic
Danny Tew
Harun Abdullah
Osman Khan
Sabri Samson
Saleh Parkar

Islamic Centre Hobart
Imam < Sabri Samson >
President < Osman Khan >
Secretary < Sabri Samson >

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The Tasmanian Muslim Association Inc.

The T. M. A. is the total membership of the Muslim community in Tasmania who, by way of a nominal membership fee, commit themselves to support the association in fulfilling it's Islamic obligation to the Muslim community regardless of their membership. The financial support entitles a member to take an active part in the way the T. M. A. objectives and purposes are managed either directly or in a supportive role. The privilege that comes with the membership is the work and effort with or without recognition that is carried out in the cause of Allah.
The group of members who are yearly elected to manage the affairs of the Association are the Executive Council who is entrusted to carry out in detail the objectives of the Association as defined in article 3 of it's constitution.

(1) The basic objectives of the Association shall be -
(a) To promote the Religious, Cultural and Social Welfare of Muslims in Tasmania;
(b) To provide means for Islamic knowledge;
(c) To foster interest in Islamic culture;
(d) To facilitate celebration of traditional Islamic festivals and performance of Islamic rites;
(e) To offer hospitality to Muslim migrants, students and visitors;
(f) To promote mutual understanding and interest between Muslims and other communities in Tasmania;
(g) To establish and maintain " Islamic Centre " at Hobart in Tasmania.

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