My Email

Like a Candle Burning Bright!!

One day! ~ a most horrific day!

I had hit an "all time low"
Wondering what I was doing and why I was doing it?

"Stressed out ~ thinking"

Is this what life is about?

Is it really worth it?

Ready to say ~ why bother ~ do I need all this hassle
and strife!

   What I should be doing is :-

~ Sitting by the fire ~

~ Slippers on feet ~

~ Fire warming me ~

~ Book close to hand ~

*** Dozing ~ Dreaming of Days Gone By ***

Suddenly ~ "You have email appears"

Slowly ~ so slowly ~ I go to my PC ~ do I want it ?

~ An unexpected delivery ~

~ At an unexpected time ~

~ An unexpected gift ~


A candle burning bright ~ not just an ordinary candle,

But a joyous candle singing to me!


~ Slippers kicked off ~

~ Book tossed aside ~

~ No need of the fire ~

This Candle Warmed My Heart!

Yes My Friend ~ this is ~

What life is all about, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  From me to you thank you so much.

Midi - Can you feel the love tonight

Laurie May 4th 2002