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Great Grandchildren @ Kelso 

Kelso has always been an important part of our lives.
No doubt there will be many, many more tales to tell.

A song composed by the girls when they were young;
they sang it every year - with much "gusto" :-)

We're happy little Kelso Campers
We're as bright as bright can be
We all enjoy our Kelso Camping
In summer heat and winter too
Because we love our Kelso Camp
We all adore our Kelso Camp
It puts a smile on every face.

Now I have started this page to record my
Great Grandchildren - discovering that
same magic of Kelso :-)


Great Grandson Ethan - almost four years old.
Mother - Vanessa.

Great Grandson Dillon - almost two years old.
Mother - Miranda.

Great Granddaughter - Matilda Rose, a new baby.
Mother - Aldonna.
Hopefully Matilda will visit with me in time
to come :-)

I will record future visits as they occur.


Who knows :-)


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