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*Safe Haven*

For My *Homeless* Tales

 Most of these tales were written for my friends to give them
a glimpse into my life.

Each one is a true happening in my life, some happy, some
not so happy - but we all have to accept the good along
with the bad.

In doing so I believe it helps to make us a better person.

But I must admit I do not see that at the time.

Others are just pure fun for family and friends!

I hope you all enjoy them.


Without which life would be so dull!
Groovy Granny
Old Smokey

Telling Tales!
These short tales are all from my life!
Believe It - Or Not!
Would You Believe This?
How About This!

Happy Days ... Happy Nights!
Balancing the days and the nights!
Is It Day Or Night?
Lemons Anyone?

Hobbies ... Activities!
These kept me busy and out of mischief!
Tasmanian Gymnastic Association
Police Citizens Youth Club

Hobbies & Activities coming soon.

Safe Haven Tales



Midi - Harbour Lights

Creation by Laurie - Began March 2002

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