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*Christmas Fun*

Traditional Times!

We established many "traditions" as the years rolled by, with all
contributing from an early age.

Christmas Eve - when Christmas really begins for us all - once we
are all together.

Eventually comes the dawn, another great day ahead.
Time to get up is the excited call and no matter how hard we try
to grab an extra bit of sleep, we get no peace!

Many *funny* things have happened during Christmas over the
years - these have now become an integral part of our
Christmas memories to cherish.


Christmas Eve
The maker of many of our own special traditions and, the
fun we had in the making of them.

Early Morn
Oh what bliss to be awoken so early! I think Santa should
let us sleep in just a little longer.

Christmas Fun & Mishaps
So many things bring laughter to a home, some are not
funny at the time but they mellow with age.




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