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*Years of My Life*

Growing Up!

Something that happens to all of us eventually, many errors along
the way - but each one teaches us how to cope.

We do eventually reach maturity - hopefully with the
Wisdom of Solomon - the Knowledge of Aristotle.
And the Ability to use them.

Friendships are a very essential part of life - without these life
can be very lonely.

Of course times were not all bad - having learned to wear a mask
to hide my hurts: became such a habit, it seems I slipped into
being a much happier person than I realised at the time.

Therefore I have such a lot to be thankful for -especially having
Cyber friends who convinced me I could write down all that
I recall.

Please enjoy your visit!


Growing Up
Nobody promises it will be easy, nor do we know how hard
it will be, all we can do is keep trying!

My Blossoming
Finding it difficult to be at ease with people was a problem
until I discovered that by wearing a "mask" to hide
behind, I gradually gained confidence.

Having another caring about me helped me with the bumpy
journey of "Finding Myself"

Young Family
Following the ups and downs of raising a family, facing many
sorrows and joys together.

The world of marriage, children, grandchildren, and now,
great grandchildren gave me an abundance of love.

As the Years Roll By
As in all families, major events happen, and I am happy to
record this one for you - Miranda's Wedding :-)

In Memoriam
It saddens me greatly to have to include this memoriam
for my Husband.
We hoped for many more years together.

Your Poppa
I have included a page devoted to Poppa, for the girls who
loved him so much!

Years of My Life


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