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*Traveller's Tales*

Around - Up - Down - Across - Australia!

There were many "wonders" to discover as we journeyed here, there
            and everywhere.

We never knew where the Highways and Byways would take us, ever
onward from one day to the next.

  Our trip had a few mishaps sprinkled amidst much fun; enjoyment was ever present.

Beauty was found at the beaches, in the outback, the rural areas and
the "Red Centre" of Australia.

We were away for 15 months so, as you will guess, this will be an
ongoing project.

I hope I have the stamina to do all I wish to do.


Our Departure 
The big adventure begins, not without some mixed feelings,
leaving the family was a big wrench!

Home Again
Tasmania, known as the Apple, Isle is a beautiful, unspoilt
part of the World.

Since the death of my husband I have had these pages on hold:
we planned to do them together.
Emotions and memories became too much for me, but now I
am beginning to write again - so - hopefully - these pages
will soon be completed :-)

A small well populated state  

South Wales
Includes some of the outback

Tropical and Sub-Tropical regions 

Northern Territory
The Red Centre & Alice Springs

Western Australia  
A vast state mainly coastal population

South Australia
A beautiful state - well populated




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