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*Tales of Kelso*

Kelso Sands - Magic Words - Magic Times!

Come along in you are most Welcome!

Enjoy ....

Easter's spent with the Grandchildren, each wished to have
time alone with their Grandparents.

Did we spoil them? Of course we did!

Life goes around and around - like a merry-go-round, but
it always comes back to you, how delightfully true!

Would we do all these years over again if we could?

What a silly question *grin*


What is it about Kelso that draws us back time after time?
It draws us like moths to a flame!

Peaceful Stay
Or Not!
Come and in and judge for yourselves, but oh what fun
we all had!

What goes around comes around, not just at the fair
grounds, it is amazing what happens in real life!

Summer Time!
Holiday time for all - we never knew what each year
would bring, but come what may, we would enjoy
all that life had to offer!

Easter @ Camp
Special times for each grandchild in turn, not always
as they expected, but always with much laughter.

My Retreat
Visiting my van is like a home away from home where
I can relax and "do nothing" :-)

Great Grandchildren @ Kelso
Now more fun - the young ones discovering the magic,
as their mothers did - all those years ago :-)

Flood - Fire - Storm
A battle with the elements - to say the least - is never

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