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A Story For My Friend

 (An American - T.K. )
Who HATES Spiders!

 This happened tonight while I was dishing up our meal.

Panic! Panic! From George, who pushed by me, not caring that I had
a hot pot in my hand.
I asked him (or perhaps I should say, I yelled at him) what on earth
is the matter?

"A spider, a spider - I have to get rid of it" ..... Now usually I have to
do this, because he hates them,
if I was unkind I would say he is scared of them.

When I chase them with a broom I usually have to yell to take
my mind off the ugly, furry things.

Now I am not talking of an itsy bitsy spider but a "SPIDER"

He grabbed the fly spray and bolted, I knew I would have to follow him
because he thinks one little spray will do the job, and I KNOW that you
have to "drown" them.

Sure enough he was happy with the 'minute' spraying but I took over and
"drowned" it, or so I thought....
G then pushed it into the waste paper basket..... Ha Ha!!
it had started crawling up
the side already!!!
"Oh stop worrying" said G "it will be dead in a minute"... Ha Ha!! again,
it was very much alive and almost crawled on to G,
I could be cruel and say he nearly "disgraced" himself.

He left the room after crushing it with paper....Ha Ha AGAIN!! ....
It started up the side once more, so I followed him,
nearly killing myself laughing.
Well I won't say what he said to me as I shoved the basket under his nose,
where the awful eyes of the spider glared at him.
Wow .... he finally gathered himself together, grabbed a tin and
crushed it.

Now I can hear you thinking...what on earth can this spider be like
so I surfed and found a couple of photos and here they are.....
I know you LOVE spiders too Ha Ha!!!.....
Gee I am having fun. *grin*







The Huntsman Spider
One of the largest spiders found in Australia. These spiders are also
known as 'tarantulas' or 'giant crab spiders'. Their leg-span may
become 16 cm. (About 6 1/2 inches)

They have a flattened body, which allow them to find shelter between
loosened bark.
They have eight eyes set in two rows of four.

I had fun doing this page
Hope you enjoyed it!
      Love From Your Night Owl
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STOP PRESS - March 6th 2004

Would you believe ...

I have just had a repeat performance with my son - who is in his late
forties and much bigger than me :-(

Another very large, and very active Huntsman Spider, actually my
son is worse than his father was "grins"

Now I know why I was put on this earth - to protect my menfolk!


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