Blowin' in the wind - Midi

My Special Wishes For You

The sunrise is a glorious thing, so they tell me.
But ...
I am a Night Owl and much prefer the sunset.


My special wishes for both the Early birds
and the Night Owls are......

Sunrise on a Frosty Morning

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To You Early Birds

The sun rising heralds the dawn with its beauty, I do know the sunrise
is beautiful.
I have seen a few and wonder why I do not see many, many more,
but my body time clock is set for the sunsets.

My wish for those who see the dawn breaking is that you are re-newed
to face whatever may come in the day before you, and to make every
moment count.

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Sunset Over Water

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To you Night Owls

The sunset at the close of day brings it's own special joy to
the heart.
If your day has been wonderful the sunset is like a benediction.
If the day has not been kind to you, the sunset tells you to put all
that behind you and look forward to tomorrow.

My wish for those who see the sun setting is that it brings hope to
your heart for the chance to give and receive joys of tomorrow.

<^> <^> <^>

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Created by Laurie - August 2001

 I was given these photos some time back and have no knowledge of
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