"Gifts From Serenity"

Midi playing - With a Song in My Heart

I am so happy to have met so many nice people since joining the
Serenity Web Ring.

I sincerely thank those that have given me these beautiful gifts.
My heart sings.
Always take with both hands, the "chance" when it is offered,
new doors are there to be opened, new journeys begun,
new friendships awaiting you ~ never be afraid ~
open your heart and discover the joys of life.

**Serendipity** is there for all.


The greatest gift of all

To give and receive gifts from Cyber Friends is as
a hand clasp or a hug is in the "real world"
we all live in.

 A very, very special gift from my Cyber Sis   
Do take a peek!


Thank you so much Terry - for this "Blooming" Basket
and my dear little angel


Thank you sooo much dear Cyber Sis





Thank you Serenity Team and Members, for these lovely gifts.

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Midi - With a Song in My Heart


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