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"Team Capers"

A companion page for
"Meet the Team"

Irrepressible Whisper!

Once on a roll she cannot be stopped ... says Laurie



Hey Theda - I took up your suggestion of using
Whispers graphic ....
and now we have the start of a new page :-)

Whisper giggling ...
Do you think that will stop me??

Thanks A Lot Whisper ...
for passing on your chocoholic habits to me!


Ooooh Theda - wash your mouth out!

You two have me at a disadvantage, I can't make
graphics - says Laurie ...

But I found this and it is soooo me ...
just a'sittin' & a'wondering  what next will land
in my mailbox!

Well I soon found out!

I think she was "listening in" to my thoughts!

Perhaps I could hide from her on another page.

 Go to the "Next" link below - if you dare,
to find out!



   "We Are In Harmony"
 Created in fun with much love by us all.

Midi - Dum De Dum

 Laurie - November - 2002




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