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"Meet the Serenity Team"

Greetings From:

Whisper - Theda - Laurie


Do You Ever Wonder!

What goes on behind closed doors - or to be more
explicit ....
How your Team "manages" the affairs of Serenity!

I am about to reveal "all"

We meet each week in our Chat Room and ...

My Goodness Gracious Me!

What have we here!

The two American members are just getting up.

Oooh ... just look at the time ...

Sorry to say - forgetting has been known to happen
to all of us at one time or another.

But what about the Aussie member way down at the bottom
of the world??
Well, she is still "Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed"
and it is well past her midnight!
She is patiently awaiting the arrival of the two sleepyheads.

At last! and about time too ... they arrive ...

Coffee in hand they mutter ...
What is on the agenda for today???

OK Visitors ...

 Come with me and get a clue ...
of what we really get up to!

All aboard the elevator for fun!!
Step through the open doors and be transported
to loads of fun:-

Team Meeting
Team Capers
Team Frolics

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Come on - be brave we won't hurt you *S*

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Hey Visitors - no sneaking away just yet

 It is Roll Call Time

Be a devil - you can leave your mark can't you?
It could be your chance to get your own back on us
by giving us "Axes or Roses"

ie. Good or bad comments ... haha!


   Laurie - October 2002



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