"Peace & Tranquillity"
Midi playing -My Peace

Many flowers are attributed to being the peaceful "Flower"
but to me the simply daisy has it's own sense of

 Peace - to me means more than just a quiet moment, it is being
free of all things negative.

Tranquillity - to me is the quietness that silences all earthly woes.

 "A Secret Place"

Each of us has a secret place
Somewhere deep within,
A place where we go to get away,
To think things through,
To be alone,
To be ourselves.

This special place, where we keep all our
deepest feelings,
Becomes a storehouse of all our hopes,
All our needs, all our dreams,
All our unspoken fears,
It holds the essence of who we are
And what we want to be.
Author unknown


This excerpt from a beautiful poem is how I feel
about moments in time, when I can be me!

A secret place that only I can go to!
A place to take time to reflect!
A place to be just "me"



Have you called in today?




Midi - My Peace

  Laurie - September 2002

Disclaimer - The Daisy picture came into my mailbox with no identification
If it is yours please email me the details and I will give credit to you.



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