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"A Little About Me"
Midi - I Still Call Australia Home

First I must say I have no idea what to tell you
about me.
I am not gifted in any ways at all, but I do
appreciate so much the many friends I have
made on the "Net"

One of these is my dear Cyber Sis, Whisper, who
surprised me with the magic she weaved: altering
my photo above from Serenity's members

My jacket was red and the plaster covered most
of my hand, she also placed my beloved doves
on my hands - but ...

That's allowable, she had put the original photo
on the Serenity Members Page for me!

All done as a surprise for me - so I must not
let her down - must I ?

  So Here Goes  :-)

I am a Great Granny, I have two children, three
beautiful Grand-daughters - two of them have
given me fantastic Great-grandsons.

I am just waiting - and hoping - the third
Grand-daughter will decide to bring
my cup of joy to ...


I even have a Cyber Grandson Terry, who
calls me ... "Groovy"

How about that!

*~* *~* *~*

UPDATE ... 26th January 2004

My third Grand-daughter did indeed make my cup
of joy overflow, by giving me the sweetest
little Great-Grand-daughter :-)

P.S. I am so happy she did as I asked and had
a cute little girl.

It is nice to know she obeyed her Gran :-)

*~* *~* *~*
  My middle years were taken up with my volunteer
job as our States Gymnastic Administrator.

This I did at home and spent many hours with book
work until I got my first computer in the mid eighties.

Then came retirement for my husband, so we planned
and then achieved; travelling around Australia in
our caravan ...
I think Americans call them Camper Vans.

We were travelling up - down - across - and around
Oz for 15 months - having a wonderful time

 Home again and what 'will' I do with myself?

*~* *~* *~*

 I started playing the Slots - but got a bit afraid
I was getting addicted ....

I looked around and decided to join a Bingo club,
this filled in the blank empty spaces in my life.

I still had my computer but was not interested in using
it until my son-in-law got me onto the Internet.

I really wasn't interested at first - I thought surfing was
silly - e-mail - well I got about one letter a week,
designing web pages? ... Duh!

 What would I write about!

  Eventually my son got me to make a page, it was
was about the game of Bingo - this page is now
a thriving site ... Wowee!
Who would have believed it!

I have just completed a page I made for a college
student in America - he was doing an investigative
report on Bingo in America.
He contacted me and we had an "interview"
via e-mail.

He sent me his term papers to read and I was so
impressed I asked if I could turn some of it
into a web site.

*~* *~* *~*

I now have so many diverse web pages I have lost
count; what was it I said about becoming
addicted *grins*

I never knew what addiction was until I got on
the "Net"

*~* *~* *~*

Now in the winter of my life I have gained more than
I could possibly have dreamt of attaining ...

"I am truly blessed"

  *~* *~* *~*

Almost forgot to say ....


Unless of course - I haven't yet been to bed - HaHa!

I have a computer corner where I spend so much time,
to see this ...
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Midi - I Still Call Australia Home

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