"Journey Well My Love"
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July 13th - 1926 - July 13th - 2002

You loved your garden so much, now travel along the
beautiful and peaceful woods beyond.

"Excerpts From The Service"
(Abel Reeve - Celebrant)

George spent a great deal of time in his garden and his daughter
Linda used to follow him about as he worked.
I am told he had great patience with young children.

I was not surprised to learn that he helped out in the gardens of
his friends.

It wasn't long before he was in great demand to do gardening for
many people.
Many were busy members of the medical profession unable to
tend their own gardens, and at least two of them said that George
was like a member of their own family.

The three daughters of one family followed him around the
garden, as did his own family at home.

"Family Eulogy"
Introduced by Abel Reeve

I think it is great that the three grand-daughters are prepared
to share with us today their insight into their grandfather's
sharing with them.

Aldonna, Vanessa and Miranda will now come and share.

 Aldonna .........

We all have our own memories of our Poppa and Vanessa and
I on behalf of Miranda too, would like to share some of these.

Poppa was the quiet one in the noisy room, but his "eye-rolling"
always spoke volumes and evoked giggles from whoever caught
him - this was usually followed by a dry comment muttered just
loud enough to register, which caused the room to erupt with ...

Camping at Kelso has provided me with so many happy family
After tea Poppa and I would go for walks along the beach,
Poppa seemed to have an endless knowledge of the plants, one
particular time we came across a plant with a glue-like sap inside,
we wrote each other's name on our hands and stuck sand to it.
Poppa liked the plant so much he took a cutting and then spent
the next few years trying to stop them from taking
over his garden.

Swimming at Kelso was a major part of our day, as kids we would
always try to coax the adults into the pool - Poppa never succumbed
to our pleas but would always come to watch.
One of my proudest moments was the afternoon Poppa was
at the pool with us and he suddenly jumped up, kicked off
his shoes and dived into the middle, it turned out that he'd
seen a young girl going under and jumped in to save her.

As his grandchildren, we feel lucky to have our special memories
to recall and share, and will be able to pass onto our children,
to celebrate
"Poppa's life lived."


The three of us girls could each fill a book about the
funny little things Poppa has done with us.

One year when Miranda was staying at Kelso with Gran
and Poppa, she and Poppa spent the whole trip fishing,
only to return to eat, sleep and try to understand the
tide charts.

Within that week they only caught a total of two fish
between them.

Poppa and I had our own special bond that was nurtured
and encouraged from a young age by Mum and Gran.
Poppa and I preferred to spend our time alone, just the
two of us.
We had our own little world that only us existed in.

Poppa and I spent our time doing things that we loved
best, wandering about in the garden or just sitting and
talking about anything and everything.

When Ethan, Poppa's first great grandson arrived, I hoped
that he would have an opportunity to experience the same
loving bond that the three of us girls grew up with.
Ethan did have the chance to experience Poppa showing him
his garden and how to smell and touch plants.

Though Ethan and Dillon, Miranda's son, will not
remember Poppa they will sure hear about the
"silly old man that he was."

Beautifully written and so movingly delivered, by the girls,
Aldonna, Vanessa & Miranda

Thank you my beautiful girls

I would like to add here that each girl made a pact - each to
the other - that they would follow their words with their finger
and, if the reader should break down, the other would step in
and continue for her.
One did break - but she controlled herself well and was able to
The support each of the three girls gave -one to another - as
they stood at the podium - was something that filled my
heart with pride.

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 Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Whisper,
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Laurie Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Whisper,
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