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Awards I Proudly Display

I thank each and every one of you - from the bottom of my heart.


What A Wonderful Surprise!!!

This most Prestigious Award arrived in my mailbox

from Webby!

Webby wrote ...
Laurie, we at Webmastership.com are very impressed with
your achievements on your many websites.

You have an amazing talent and it shows.

We present the above award to you now for your talents.
Display it with pride on all of your sites.

Thank you so much Webby - I am very honoured.
September 2002

Thank you Rose - I truly appreciate your
September 2002



Left ...... Oooh!   Thank you so much Samantha, what
a lovely surprise - September 2002

Right .. ROAK, I appreciate your award very much - May 2003


Such Beauty - What a Surprise
Thank you so much Annie
October 2003

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