"My Home Is My Castle"

"Bless This House"

Midi Playing - Bless This House

Bless this house Oh Lord we pray
Keep it safe by night and day,
Bless these walls so firm and stout
Keeping want and trouble out

Come along in you are just in time for afternoon tea.

We have a lovely Frosted Cake, and Hershey Kisses
for the children.


Bless you for calling in today, your visits are always
such fun.

Have you ever consider how often we say
"Bless You"
Do we ever stop to think of what it means?

The dictionary definition is ...
"To bestow good of any kind upon"

"Bless you" crosses ... Over - In - Out - Around,
whatever your ...
Belief - Creed - Race.

It is used to convey your wish to ....
Bring Joy - Peace - Comfort - Happiness ...
"From One to Another"


Have you visited my Guest Book :-)


You brought joy with you to my home and I thank you
for your visit.
May my blessings go with you as you depart




Laurie - June 2002

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