"My Diamonds"

Midi - Beautiful

This page I dedicate with much love to ...

My three grand-daughters - each one in her
own way - sparkles like a diamond!

"My Beautiful Girls"  


Ever happy, loving and full of promise - like her
favourite flower - the golden *Daffodil*

Her love is evident as she speaks of her "Wrinklies"
namely her Poppa and Gran. *S*


Warm, soft and gentle - as the *Pansy* she loves
so much, especially the purple ones *S*

Her love is expressed in quiet, thoughtful actions,
yet she is a bubbly happy person.


Bright, cheerful and as straight as the brilliant
*Gerbera* - her favourite flower.

Her love shows clearly in her teasing nature, never
far away and often aimed at me. *S*

My Grand-daughters are the flowers in my
Garden of life!

I am truly blessed!

"My Wishes for Them"

May all their hopes and dreams come true as they
travel *Life's Highway*

May all their troubles be little ones - but not too many

May peace be with them and in their world of the

May their life always be full of happiness and


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Midi - Beautiful


Created by Laurie   ... October 2002




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