You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings


What the Serenity Web Ring means to me!

So many things ... belonging is just one of the many pleasures.
To be with a group who all care means so much ... it is worth more than
words can describe.

A wonderful "Team" at the helm ... ever looking for ways to help us,
be it large or small. I am so proud to say ....

"I Am a Member"

Since writing the above I have been invited to be a Team Member, to say
I felt honoured by this act is an understatement for sure!

I promise here to do all I can to carry out my duties
for the benefit of all.


These plaques are proudly displayed and mean so much to me.



As a Charter Member I have been through many changes with the members,
and the support has been tremendous.
I wish one and all, many more happy years together.


A very Happy Anniversary to all and may there be
Many, Many More :-) :-)

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Laurie - May 2001 ...Updated August 2002