"Silver Lining"

Midi - Look for the silver lining
Look for the silver lining
Whene'er a cloud appears in the blue
remember somewhere
The sun is shining
And so the right thing
To do is make it shine for you

A heart full of joy and gladness
Will always banish sadness and strife
so always look for
the silver lining
And try to find the sunny side of life.


The words of this song are so true ...

Always look for that something good - even on the
bad days.
It is a bleak day indeed if you cannot find just one little
ray of sunshine bringing you hope ...

These days do happen - but you can try - even the
smallest amount can make such a difference.

Eventually you do find it easier - I know because this is
how I get by when the going gets tough.

If my thoughts on "getting by" can help at least one
person I will feel my time here on earth has not
been wasted.

Recently ...

I was very low and a friend "picked me up" in her
caring way and I was able to look for something

Then Serendipity took me to the song you hear playing,
a favourite of mine that I had not heard, nor played on the
keyboard for so long.
I still had the music to help me remember the words ...
and so another page was born.

Many Thanks My friend!


Each day brings something different,
Rain or sun or clouds or frost.
Always look for that silver lining
And you never will be lost!

There's beauty in a sunrise
At the start of each new day,
Take a moment to enjoy it
And love your life today!
Author Unknown



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Midi - Look for the silver lining

   Laurie - June 2002



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