"My Inner Sanctum"
Solitude - Midi


My place for solitude and contemplation on my ...

Dreams ... Hopes ... Fantasy ... Wishes!

Within these walls are my thoughts of a better world,
my hopes for the future, and I hope
a better Me!!

Peace - Happiness - Contentment!

These things I wish for you - my welcome visitor.


My dreams are for ...
A world at peace ...
Happiness for all ...
Contentment then will surely follow!

Peace must be an inner part of yourself - if you cannot
find peace in your own heart - then you will never be
able to help others to find peace!

Happiness is infectious - be happy yourself and some of
your happiness will surely "rub off" on others!

Contentment is something we all strive to achieve.
If we can gain some measure of contentment with our
life - we are rich!


Without hope we have nothing - hope keeps us going
when all things seem impossible!

Never give in to despair, always look for a bright side
to all things in life, as you travel down many diverse roads!

There is always the other side of each coin - if you meet
the "bad' side flip the coin and find hope!

For my family - my hopes are focused on keeping them
all well, happy and free from care!


Daydreaming is a wonderful chance to escape into a
world of our own imagination!

In my daydreams I may find myself being a great
Explorer, discovering new continents - or maybe I can
be - a Scientist - and find a cure for all ills!

Maybe I could become a world renowned author, or
dazzle the world as a great ballerina!

Perhaps I will win the biggest Lottery the world offers,
well somebody has to win it surely - why not me!



I wish above all else a happy and serene life for all!

May all the blessings fall upon you all the days of your

May everything you hope and dream for, come true!

Enjoy life to the full and leave no room for regrets,
we only pass this way but once, so make each
moment count!

I would love you to sign my Guest Book !



 Midi - Solitude

  Inner Sanctum created - October 2001

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