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"Site Map"

My Site Map holds the pages you can explore within
"My Serendipity World"


A journey begins with the first step taken.
Taking a first step is usually a hard thing to do, but
the second and the next etc. become easier as you
go along life's pathways.

I do hope that my site will be added to the pathways
that you have enjoyed.

These pages are linked by the "Next" button - in the order
below, which will lead you to the final page.

Or if you prefer - use the "Site Map" link, back to this page,
to select for yourself.

Just click Princes of Serendip to start you on your journey!

Happy Chance
Site Map
Princes of Serendip
Blue Moon
About Me
Reach Out
Bless This House
Pandora's Box
My Wishes
Song of Joy
Live In Harmony
Que Sera Sera
You Raise Me Up
The Eagle Wept
Silver Lining
Listen to Your Heart
Peace & Tranquillity
Dream Land
My "Diamonds"
End of the Rainbow
Inner Sanctum
Serendipity Farewell
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A Tribute to My Husband
Journey Well

What's New 
My Latest Updates!
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My Committees


The Section below contains Serendipity sites
not included in the loop above.

Each one has it's own loop, with a return
link back to here :-)

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For You In Times of Need!
One Day at a Time - When in need of  
support, it is here for you!
 Fairy Glen - A magical tour of the glen,
meeting the fairies on the way!
  Angels Around You - a gentle journey
through my angels home!
   Seasons of Your Life - Journey them 
with me!
  My Garden Gate - Come sit quietly for
a while with me!
   Words of Wisdom, down to earth for  
you to enjoy!

<^> <^> <^>

Other Days!
   Special Days - About the occasions      
we celebrate each year!
   Merry Christmas - Enjoy the many  
facets of Christmas!


Now - How about looking in on some of ...
"The Serenity Team Fun" :-)

     Meet the Team - You will not be able to stop
laughing :-)
   Just 4 Fun - A little bit of fun never hurts
    Computer Talk   -   Mine talks to me, come
and hear it for yourself!

Happy Anniversary to Serenity   

My Gifts & Awards:-)

Serendipity Awards
Awards For You
Beautiful Gifts


After you finish your journey you may like to
visit here to see some of my other sites
that are not a part of ...

"My Serendipity World"

My Other Sites 

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I am very proud to display these two plaques,
thank you so much Serenity.



 Serendipity created - May 2001
Updated regularly

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