"Reach Out With Love"

Reach Out - Midi Playing
"By Chance"

I visited a site which invited a visitor to take the
"Dove of Peace"

I accepted the offer but was unsure of ...

How - When - Where - I would use it!

A few days later ....

 "By Chance"

I did not have my favourite tape to play in the car!
My groping hand found a partly played tape.

I inserted it, the next track began, it was a song from
the Vietnam War era.

The sentiments from those days are so appropriate
for the troubled times of today.

Immediately I knew How - When - Where
the dove would reside!

"Reach Out"

Reach out for peace all over the world
In every city ... in every town
Every place where people are found
One voice to make a sound ....

"Reach Out"

Don't turn your back on the future
Don't turn away
To those who make the decisions
We've all got to say ....
We must .... reach out .... reach out
for peace!

"Reach Out"



I copied the words from the tape, it was from a group
of songs, sung by Australian children.

I have had this tape for over 30 years and I don't
remember anything about the origin.

Reach Out With Love

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Reach Out - Midi Playing

 Created by Laurie   ... June 2003




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