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These links are to some individual sites and collections
of mine.
I do hope you enjoy them!

There are also sets including some for children.

I have selected a few to list below, and the others you will
find if you visit the last link - which is for all my works.

That page is constantly being updated - because I am
slightly addicted to web page building.

 *Grins* Laurie

Some of these pages have links back to Serendipity ...
others you may need to use the browser back button
to return ...

   My Tangled Tales
Tangled Tales is a journey through my life;
an ongoing project for my grandchildren
and their children :-)
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  My Christmas Collection
Christmas in Australia
Santa's Little Elves
Merry Christmas
Christmas Sing-A-Long
Christmas Legends
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  My Other Pages

Is it Day or Night
Night Owl
Enchanted Forest glade
Hands Across the World
Bonds of Friendship
Valentine's Lament
Love and Romance
The Young & Young at Heart
My Grand Daughters Wedding
Let There Be Peace
World Of Greetings
My First Cyber Birthday
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Finally ...
This link to a fun page that lists ALL of
my work ...
MyFriendly Links


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