Blue Moon - Midi playing

"Blue Moon"


Blue Moon

you saw me standing alone ...

At a time when I needed you most
*You Were There*

Now I am no longer alone
without a dream in my heart ...

"What You Mean To Me"

I had this beautiful background set!
I had a midi I have always loved!
I had thoughts to express!

But No Graphic!

Serendipity was at work for me!

This lovely graphic - Blue Moon Fairy
was offered to me from a gift page of a Serenity
I was so surprised to see it - I almost fell off my seat!

A graphic just as I had wished for!

"My Wish Fulfilled"

Now I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful
Cyber Friends I have - especially the three below.

Each, in their own way, has enhanced my life.

They are not in the order I met them - I am being polite
and placing ladies before gentlemen *S*

To Whisper - my wonderful Cyber Sister - how did I exist
without you? Life would have been so dull.

You have been there for me at all times, good and bad.

To Theda - I have known you a shorter time but the hand
of friendship you offered was so warm and loving.
I look forward to our friendship deepening as time passes.

 To Terry - my loving Cyber Grandson - I bless the day
I found you - I know - you say you found me - well
I won't start an argument here - we found each other!


As always Terry - you are the ...
"Wind Beneath My Wings"

You now have two more winged companions
to ease your load *S*

I was like this turtle - slow and cautious - but now
I have wings also - hidden under my hard shell.

We make a great "Quartet" of shared friendships!


To each of you - words cannot express what your support
meant to me in my recent bereavement.

Your love and caring helped me so much.
So I say thank you - from the bottom of my heart.



Have you called in today?


To Serenity's new member "Blue Memories"
thank you so much for the beautiful Moon Fairy graphic.

Midi - Blue Moon

Blue moon - you saw me standing alone
without a dream in my heart
without a love of my own.

Blue moon - you knew just what I was there for
you heard me say a prayer for
someone I really could care for.

Blue moon - now I am no longer alone
without a dream in my heart
without a love of my own.


  Laurie - November 2002







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