You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings
My Friend!

Midi - Wind beneath my wings ...

"A Happy Chance"

Hello & A Warm Welcome
To You

I hope it will also be a "happy chance" for you as you wander
through my diverse pages.
Here you will find Love, Hope, Peace, Friendship, among these pages.
May you all gain something to carry in your heart as you move along
life's pathway.

Chance has brought you to me and chance is a very strong factor
in my life.

 By Chance:

This page has resulted from a chance Guest Book entry,
which led to a delightful friendship from that
chance entry.

This very dear friend has pushed, nudged and cajoled me
to go on, and on, and on, and on......

Whose encouragement - ever there - keeps me chained
to my computer *grin* it was he who became the
"Wind Beneath my Wings", symbolised by the
two doves above.

By Chance:
A thought upon waking,
A lovely graphic ...
A turn of phrase ...
A haunting melody ...
A passing remark!

These things won't leave me alone until I do something
with them!

Special People"

Without these dear friends there would not be so
much joy in my life.

Please visit "My Dear Friend"
My Cyber Grandson - who taught me so sweetly,
how to fly, he keeps me flying even when
at times , I falter.

Please visit "My Dear Cyber Sister"
Who took me by the hand and with a touch as
gentle as a butterfly - led me down new paths.

 I love them both so very much.

Please have fun exploring my pages.


Midi - Wind beneath my wings ...

Created in May 2001

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