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 Dear, Dear Diary ....

 Today is the promised day,
I'm throwing the key away,

My dreams all revealed,
No longer concealed,
I'm sad I'm happy, I'll see -
What it's like to be so free.

 Secret No. 1 I'm not pretty (I am in my dreams)
Secret No. 2 I can't tell a joke ( well I do but nobody laughs)

 No - No more just yet - s-l-o-w-l-y does it!!!


To be......Popular, a true "swinging chick"
To do.....Play the organ well in public
To go...Travelling all over the world
To have...Money - money - money
To have..A beautiful slim figure


Well ~~ there is my computer where I spend many enjoyable hours
creating home pages
A list of my various web sites is shown below.

And then there is BINGO - I just love "eyes down" Bingo.

Oh the thrill of shouting BINGO, there is such a rush of adrenalin whilst
waiting for that winning number, you can never get enough of it.

Secret No. 3...I can't play the organ very well, the truth is I only play
when I am alone.

Secret No. 4...It's hard trying to be popular, well I don't really try,
I just hope it will happen.

 Horoscopes & Astrology are other forms of enjoyment for me,
although I do not totally believe, I often find myself crossing my
fingers for luck.
I like to read about what was predicted for me -

Did You Know ?
We all have a special tree, our own special shopping traits and the
stars also tell us what sort of lovers we are.
These facts and much more are presented to you at ~~

All in the Stars" click here
I like to read about what was predicted for me "Yesterday"

 Secret No. 5.... I guess I will never travel overseas because I get home-
sick, which makes me a misery to be with on holidays
Secret No. 6............You know - truthfully, to be a swinging chick would
really scare me to death.

Secret No. 7...I will never have lots of money,I love spending.

Secret No. 8.... I try to lose weight but it always finds me.

Perhaps one day . Oh Yeah !! Pigs Might Fly
My life is like simple mathematics. I'm trying to add to my income,
subtract from my weight, divide my time and avoid multiplying!

Do visit me at my "companion" site at -

Georgie Girl here

 Oh!! By the way ~ I haven't told you my most secret, secret:
are you
ready for it?

I'm not really a "Chick" I am more like an

"Old Hen"

Oh Yes ~~ one final secret ~~
I save autographs so please give me yours.

Do call in and say hello!

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