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The Legend of **Pegasus**






The Mythical Flying Horse


I dream of the glorious days of old, when legends were more than stories told.
Where once the mighty Pegasus flew, his wings of white, his eyes of blue.

From Medusa's blood he did spring, a graceful, wise and gentle being.
Raised by the Muses and pure of heart for him, the gates of Olympus would
always part.

Tamed by man through a Goddess's betrayal, the Pegasus did cause the
Chimera to fail.
But Man through treachery, ambition and greed, lost his bond with
the magical steed.

Angered Gods put Him in their stable, there he became little more than a fable.
Carrying the weapons of the Gods, he longed to be free from their mighty rods.

The King of Gods then decreed that Pegasus would at last be freed.
Now he lives among the stars looking down on us from afar.

E. Sturdivant


The creation of the winged horse Pegasus and his tales begin in the time of
Greek mythology.
Perseus was the son of the mighty Zeus, King of the Gods, and Danae.
Danau was the only child of King Agrisius, who was desperate for a son.
Agrisius in an attempt to find out his future consults the Oracle of Delphi to
foresee his fate.
He learns that he will never have a son, but he will have a grandson.

Pegasus rose in his claim to fame and popularity through mythological times.
Legend after legend has been written about the magical winged horse.
A set of coins was fashioned after the magnificent beast.
From Gorinth, 360 B.C. these coins depicted the helmeted head of Athena on
one side and the great Pegasus on the reverse side of the coins.



In modern times Pegasus is seen virtually everywhere.
The winged horse has come to be a symbol of immortality and the protector
of the spirit, the guardian of the soul.

The image of Pegasus is used in logo's and advertising everywhere to
symbolize, strength, purity and justice.

Pegasus the original symbol, creative spirit and power of the Muses of
Greek mythology brought inspiration and beauty to the lives of
all he encountered.


"Descend from Heaven, Urania, by that name
If rightly thou art called, whose voice divine
Following, above the Olympian hill I soar,
Above the flight of Pegasean wing."



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