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**I Love** - from Bob's Midi Collection

  Love grows and spreads in an ever spreading circle,
we start life as a journey, and along the way many loves
join us, all of which become a link in our
circle of love.

The many loves of your life begin at birth.

One of our first memories of love is the love we felt for our
Teddy and many of us

still have that same Teddy today.

Then we discover....
Best Friends, we meet at school where we laugh,
play, giggle, be naughty and share secrets.

Many friendships made at this time will last
a lifetime.

Along comes the first experience of ...


The world is brighter, prettier, happier than you
would - could, ever believe.
It is not all because of the rose coloured glasses you
may be wearing.

Alas - with the passing of time, this love will fade.

A melancholy sets in and leads you to the world of
books and poetry, which remains an
everlasting love.
Melancholy, in turn, passes and there is born a tremendous


It's then you truly realise the love of your parents.

Eventually the ONE TRUE LOVEappears and
all things sparkle as  the diamond on your finger,
soon to be joined by a plain gold band.


You feel no joy could be greater.

BUT - your first child is on the way, the love you
now feel is different and hard to explain.
You just love the first - unsteady steps, the first word,
in factthe first time in all stages of your child's life.
But there is always room for

more links in your chain of

Like the icing on the cake, the first grandchild comes along,
what sheer bliss, then follows more, each bringing such joy.
No angel ...

... could be sweeter.

If you are blessed as I am, the Great Grandchildren
come along. Nursing them is as sweet as
sugar candy.

Love wasn't put in your heart to stay,
Love isn't love until you give it away.

Since I first wrote this page I have learned of the love
that can exist between Cyber Friends.
You know who you are and I love you all

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P.S. I have left out a very important love in my life,
my computer, without which I could not
share my loves with you.

And I must not forget my dear little
bundle of fur.
She is my Purr-fect friend.

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Created by Laurie - February 2001

Some of my graphics
came from GranGran


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