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Believe in them or not - they are beautiful
creatures with beauty and grace,
and I love them.

St Patrick's Day

Oh What A Day - The wearin' of the green
is a day of joy for all - you don't have to
be Irish, but of course it helps!!


Flying Horse, a mythical creature soaring high
above, it surely has some power - even if
only in your imagination

Legend of Easter

Easter is a time of religious celebration for the
young and old, therefore I have covered
Easter in 3 ways, come in and enjoy. 

Australian Anzacs

Lest We Forget - We must never forget how
these young Australian and New Zealanders
fought at the landing of Gallipoli.

Origins' of April Fools Day

April fool's Day is such a great day, not confined to
the young.
Everybody loves to catch their friends out on
this day.


Robert the Bruce

I am sure you all have heard of Robert the Bruce
and the spider.
"Try, try, try again" is an excellent method of
teaching children to never give up.

Halloween History

Halloween, what a load of fun - Trick & Treating,
dressing up;
great fun for young and old.

    St. Valetine's Day

This very special day is celebrated by young
and old, all around the world :-)

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 "I Wept With The Eagle"
September 11th

Enchanted Forest Glade



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