Wet Day at Kelso

"Kelso Enchantment"

Our enchantment with Kelso began in 1980 when our first
grandchild was a baby ...
... we needed to find camping grounds with decent amenities
and only an hour away from home.

We discovered Kelso Sands Caravan Park - a new park that
had only been operating for one year.
We looked no further - we had found what we were
looking for!

Through the years we have been part of the park's growth &
development and become good friends with the owners.
We have seen their dreams come true.
Their recreation room - the swimming pool - the 6 hole
golf course; all becoming a reality.

We also expanded ... our family grew to seven members
spending a month each summer at our favourite place.

As the children grew so did the number of our tents.
Eventually we became known as "The Tent City"


By 1987 we were planning to travel on the Mainland and
decided the time had come to get a caravan.

We started with a Jayco - push in and fold down job,
amazingly roomy and comfortable.

We began our trip around Australia in this fold-down
Later on, when well into our journey, we changed to
the van at the top of this page.

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Laurie - June 2002




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