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                     KELSO SANDS CARAVAN PARK

Thursday 3rd January 2002
Well, we were ready for our four day stay at Kelso.
Off to get the last of the alterations finished before our middle G/daughter
Vanessa, her fiance Jason, plus our Great Grandson Ethan, were to join
us on Friday

Hubby George got away early, I was cheating and on the computer, 
when an insistent   "Brr  Brr" of the phone interrupted me.

Vanessa! -- who blithely told me she was all packed and ready to leave,
a day early, if that was alright by me ?
Well what could I say ...
NO ! ... of course I would not say that,
  I just hit panic button.
Work I should have been doing at Kelso -

   Forgot to eat lunch so I grabbed a donut  on the way ......
I thought, that will see me through and George will have all his share
of the chores done so ............
I would be able to relax with a cuppa when I got there, armed
with the news of the "invasion" on it's way.

 HA! HA! ...how wrong can you be, 3 hours ahead of me and nothing
done, he had been having a wonderful time socialising.

I don't think I will tell you what I said whilst I did his work and mine,
 no coffee, no fag and not even a trip to the toilets ... all that had to
wait & the "Brute" never even said he was sorry.


    VERY SOON - they arrived & Jason, Vanessa and I got busy
erecting the tent Aldonna, the eldest G/daughter, had when she
was just a toddler.
 We thought it would be ideal for Ethan's cot.
We got it up alright and then  "IT"  decided it was so old
(about 22 years), and did not want to be used again, so it
ripped itself ... RIGHT ACROSS THE ROOF !.
Panic averted ... we always keep a " pup" tent    in the
van, so out it came & up it went, speedily, because the weather did not
look good.
It was a bit of a squeeze for them .... but they managed OK.
Jason had left to visit his mates, so Vanessa & I gossiped, and finally
had that long overdue cup of coffee.
George ... oh yes he was still with us, well in body but not in spirit, he
still had his eye on people he wanted to chat with.


 NEXT 2 DAYS - busy time having lots of fun, especially Ethan, who was
as bad as George, he was forever visiting somebody, we couldn't blink
without him taking advantage of it.
He was a very popular little boy and others down there encouraged him
to visit them

ANOTHER SURPRISE .............                        
                                   CAN MY HEART STAND IT!

Youngest G/daughter - Miranda and her hubby Damien rang asking
was OK for them to come up for the day (almost a 4 hr drive - duh! )

 Of course we said GREAT, the more the merrier.
The newly weds M & D arrived in time for a very late B.B.Q. lunch
and I also had a big pot of beef stew simmering for the evening meal.
Yes - stew in summer...
Because nobody told the Weatherman it should be hot I guess, so he
thought it was still winter.


Fun, Photos, Swimming in the Heated Pool, playing 8 Ball in the
Recreation Room and chasing Ethan, all kept us from being bored.
Then a beautiful evening followed and we were able to sit outdoors
and watch the sun go down.
Oh yes - I had suggested that if Miranda and Damien slept in the
Station Wagon they could stay the night.
Luckily we had taken the special car mattress for it.

WHY DON'T I LEARN TO KEEP MY                         
                                         BIG MOUTH SHUT!

Great excitement still abounded, because after dark, armed with torches
and bread crusts, they (not me, no way) roamed around the old pine trees
to see the wildlife.

They saw Possums that will take the bread from your hand, Wombats
that are as blind as bats, a couple of Wallabies and many, many Rabbits.
I, of course - never budged - I had had enough, I just soaked up the
peace and quiet for as long as I could; until they came back again,
full of excitement.

You would never believe that they first started camping before they
were born, but I guess they were hyped up showing their partners
what Kelso was all about.
Finally we got everyone bedded down ... peace for a few hours.



I swear the rain just waited for us all to feel safe, warm, and in a deep
sweet sleep, 
 before it decided to descend upon us about 4am.

The men of course stayed in their beds, whilst Vanessa and I checked
that all was dry and safe.
Well the pair in the car were OK .. Jason who was still in the tent,
moved his mattress until he found a dry spot.
Ethan decided he had had enough sleep and wanted to play.

George snored in his warm bed .... Vanessa and I gossiped again.
Eventually Jason gave up on the tent & came in to sleep on the
Annexe floor,
so Vanessa bedded down in the van, on a make-shift bed, which she
shared with a wriggling Ethan.

OH BOY ... LOVELY RESTFUL TIME HUH ?                                    
                                                            HA! HA! AGAIN & AGAIN.
Next day the sun paid us a visit so off to the pool for a long swim,
then a walk to the river frontage to check if spearing flounder at night
would be possible ... which it is ... GREAT said Jason & Damien!

Then they hired the "necessaries" and hit golf balls around the 6 hole
golf course in the grounds.
They were in "Seventh Heaven", and want to come back again in
February. armed with fishing equipment, 

EVENTUALLY - we waved goodbye to them all.
Guess what George and I did.

WE WENT TO BED. Peace had descended once more.
Was it really only FOUR days ....
In spite of all of this, I would not have missed a second of it .....
Now come on Laurie - TRUTH time ....
Well maybe the odd moment or two I did think .... just maybe .....
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Midi - Happy Days
Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again
Altogether shout it now!
There's no one who can doubt it now
So let's tell the world about it now
Happy days are here again
Your cares and troubles are gone;
There'll be no more from now on
Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again

 Created by Laurie - January 2002



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