"What Colour is Red"

Would He Own Up?
Because he never would ... I am about to reveal all!

December 1990
One evening whilst staying at Kelso, I had to attend a
Christmas Concert, being performed by one of the
newer Gymnastic Clubs of Tasmania.

I had been invited to speak at the conclusion, I had no
idea what was expected of me, but I hoped I would
pass the test :-)

I was considered a VIP because, in my role within the
Tasmanian Gymnastic Association, I had helped this
club get started. *grins*

I felt greatly honoured really, but very nervous as we
set out to drive across to the East Coast.

Why? - I will tell you now :-)

With plenty of time to spare we started our drive, in my
George at the wheel because, he didn't like driving
after dark.
On arrival at Scottsdale we stopped at a roadhouse for
a meal, I asked him to fill the tank while I went inside...
... I did not want to run out of petrol on the
way home.
The concert was great and I guess my speech was OK,
nobody booed.
We were invited to a supper, a drive of about 30 minutes
away from our homeward direction.

Never mind - I thought - the car is not thirsty.
Eventually we turned our nose for home, along the lonely
stretch of highway that wound up -down -around
As was my usual practice, I glanced at the petrol gauge.

Oh No!
It was very low, Ge--orge I wailed, how much did you
put in the car.

His Reply!
I didn't bother - I thought there should be enough to
get us back.

Just Imagine!
A lonely Highway - well after midnight - and short on fuel!

That trip was a nightmare, it felt like I had a monkey
on my shoulder all the way.
We did make it back - just - the car died a few feet short
of where we usually park.

Next Day!
Because the nearest place to get petrol is a 15 minute drive
away, George had to borrow some from the Park Owner.
In the photo above he was being teased, and when he saw
the camera in my hand he wailed - you wouldn't!

You bet'cha I would!

Almost daily he received teasing from others around the
park ... I must admit he took it all very well, even
managing to laugh at himself :-)

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