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I do hope you like these pages, I have had a lot of fun creating
them for you.

Lotsa Lot may seem an odd title for Alexia's page
so I would like to explain its history.
It is actually a part of a gift given to me by my daughter Linda.

I wanted something I treasured, somewhere on my gift to you all.
Linda often calls me LOTS and she was giving me lots of graphics,
each one relating to one of my grand daughters and their loves,
ie. one adores
elephants. Hence the name - LOTSA LOT.

Hey - I mean lots of graphics, not me, as the size of an elephant :-)

I used Linda's heading & the graphics, which were locked into a
Oh Boy! - did I ever have trouble with that "rotten table"
I just could not get it to accept the "My Rabbit" section, that is
why it may look a bit odd.

Linda designed the page as a BIG surprise for me then just sent
me the URL, with no explanation.

Also, she up-loaded it on MY Server so I could have it as mine.
So this is how I have been able to adapt it for Alexia.

At the time I was very new to the web, I didn't like surfing, I didn't
see much point in my learning to do home pages & I couldn't
cope with ICQ chats.
All I used it for was email.

Unfortunately the only instructions Linda sent me was to copy/paste
it in the "addy"

Right I thought - that's easy ...
Well 3 days later after many tears of frustration, I had to admit to
her that I could not find anything remotely relating to an
"addy" on my computer.

Poor Linda got some flak from her husband, Barry, because she
used short-cut www language, when I hardly knew what
the web was all about.

       Now - aren't you glad I told you all of this?

Love to you all - Laurie    
May this little angel watch you:-)

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June 2001