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  May 25th - Picture this ( I wish I could draw)

T- Bone on his bike, pedalling his little heart out across the ocean, it is
hard going because he has a tow rope attached to France.

Night Owl stuffing her face, jaws going like mad eating her head off to
gain weight, all to keep Tasmania too heavy to float away.

End of story - T- Bone finally makes it to Tasmania only to find Night Owl
too stuffed up to even hoot hello.






  May 29, 2001 8 :30 AM Far below the city of Paris

One of the simple pleasures of living in Paris is taking the commuter
train during rush hour in the midst of a heat wave.
Not only are you packed in like sardines, with the sweet stench of BO
enveloping you, but you also have to deal with finding enough oxygen
to breathe as sweat trickles out of every pore in your body.
I caught myself thinking ...   "What the heck am I doing here?"
I could be in Los Angeles stuck in traffic in the middle of an earthquake ...

Laurie says ... Haha ... Not to mention the smog my friend ...







   May 30th - Sleeping Beauty - Laurie

You say I don't get enough sleep, well I do - and very deep ...
'Cos Sleeping Beauty is my name, computer playing is my game.
If you want to see the proof, don't be shy or stay aloof.
As the moth is drawn to a flame, your behaviour is the same.

Even if you're cool and slick, you won't resist this
little click.

June 11th ~ Patience is not a virtue of mine!
I'm waiting, Waiting for news







  June 12th - Terry says ...  this picture as my wife and I anxiously
await the birth of second daughter, allows me to easily vent all my
frustration, anxiety, and tension.
Please do not hesitate to give it a try if you need to relieve some stress!














  June 16th - Hurrah, Congratulations Terry

Flora Helen has arrived to add more joy to Terry and his family

An angel face so pink and so rosy,
Who fits in your arms ever so cosy,
The sleepless nights,
The feeds to prepare,
Easy because you have someone to share,
A quick cuddle and hug,
Then wrapped in a rug,
Sleep little angel, your family is near,
To them you are precious; sweet and so dear.
~~ Author ~~ Love Laurie ~~

P.S. I have posted the Special Gift as requested :-)

  July 22nd - Terry says ...

How does a father of a blossoming, energetic 2 1/2 year-old girl and
a 5 week-old constant whiner find time to chill out and use his laptop?
Between diapers and bottles, playing and working, eating and
Well, as I type this.  My big girl is asleep (hopefully for the night) and
I have got my baby attached to me in a baby sling, like a kangaroo
has her baby in her pouch.
I guess one must adapt to every new situation as it arises.
I do wonder if kangaroos have backaches, though....

Laurie says ... I will ask the next kangaroo I meet and get back to
you on that :-)


August 22nd - Laurie says...

Because of the duties of fatherhood ... things have been quiet between
us, and our log, but I know that ...

"Friendship can never come apart, especially when it's straight from
the heart"
I look forward to when we can continue building our site together.

August 27th - Terry says ...

In celebration of the person you are and the way I value our friendship,
here is a little something for you, my friend across the world.

What is a friend?   A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

October 3rd - Laurie says ...

Well I have survived a major computer crash caused by a virus, thank you
all my friends for you support, it was truly wonderful.

"The thread of friendship never breaks"

How true that is!

Terry and I are now exploring with Webcam - it is both exciting and scary at
the same time, I prefer to be behind a camera not in front of it *grin*

   October 6th - Terry says ...

About two weeks ago, Laurie and I shared a wonderful experience together.
For the very first time, from across the world, I saw and heard my dear friend.
Pure excitement ran through my entire being as we actually conversed live
over the Net waves via web cam technology.
It was so exciting and simply marvelous. I believe our friendship will grow
even deeper now that we can communicate via sight and sound.













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