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   Mid October - Laurie says -

Terry is off line due to a computer crash, I do miss him so much,
I have no-one to tease these days.

Hurry back my dear friend or I might have to do something


November 11th - Terry says -

Misunderstandings are a part of life,
More often than not they lead to strife.
No need to worry about the days that follow,
Our friendship will endure...for it is not shallow.


     November 17th - Laurie says -

In celebration of the 1st Anniversary
of our Friendship

We will continue along Friendship's Highway, knowing
the happiness of loving, and being loved by
a good friend.
    January 2002 - From Laurie & Terry  

We wish all our visitors and friends joy & happiness
for 2002,
and may all your wishes & dreams come true.

    February 2002 ~ From Laurie & Terry  

Happy Valentine's Day
To all our friends 

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