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Welcome Back Dear Friend  

Do you like this? - I made it! - Clever little me!



Day # 1 -
I have put my Halloween Page up, also a Chicken Dance
page, added "Our Blessing" link to OUR page.
All is very quiet on the Net.

Day # 2 - Have placed some links on your new links page and more
monkeys on Monkey Biz...Marcia has joined our Friendship's Club.

Will get everyone to welcome her once you come back to us *grin*

Day # 3 - Last night I dreamt that "The Man Behind Subtlety" had
more photos of you, the dream was so real I went scurrying in to see.
I wish I hadn't - the "dream" lied!

Day # 4 - Trying to do a "Slang Page" I need a push from you.

Most of my guest books are back - the host had got the nimda virus
The guest books just "Popped" back, but then they sent me all the
codes again (twice) to re-register -now I am busy trying to sort
out just what is required of me Grrrrr

Looks like I have really lost 5 of them.

Day # 5 - This graphic says it for me
Are you enjoying all my little woes?
By the way - Subtlety misses you too - sometimes we keep each other
Today is a
"Blue Day' as far as my mood goes.
I don't have my car either, it has to have a good service and get the
air conditioner replaced, because of the new law.
I could be without it for a few more days yet.

Day # 6 - Still very little activity on the Net -I guess everyone is feeling
the strain re the new "germ" threat, tonight on our news they said
there was also a great fear along our East Coast.
(Australia, not Tassie as yet)
Oh Yes - I DID write to your Dad, I hope he read it before trashing it, NO,
I did not say anything out of line to him - even tho I would love to have
told him what I thought of you.
Take that whichever way you like *giggle*

Day # 7 - A "Red Letter Day" because I have been looking at your latest
entry on OUR Weblog re the Webcam.
To be honest, I thought it was lovely when I first read it - BUT - now
I have read it again and I cannot say just how much it touched me.
As you said, we "shared a wonderful experience together" we sure did!

SHARED & TOGETHER being magic words.

I too had that great feeling of excitement, but I could not stop giggling,
I think it was nerves.
I will try to behave in a more dignified manner when next we "meet"
As for a deepening of our friendship, I feel that already.
The first time you were not around online, (busy becoming a Dad again)
I often thought 'I hope he does get in touch with me again' but I feared
you wouldn't.

The second time when you were without your laptop, I found myself thinking
'I know he will be in touch when he can' but I always had my fingers crossed.

This time I feel like shouting it from the rooftops 'I do know he will
be in touch'

So ...
I pinched this because it is just how I feel.


You restored my faith in people and proved that there is a thing called
true friendship.

Gosh, you had better come back quick, who knows what I will get up
to next!

Day # 8 - Today I am so happy. I have got my 2nd best "mechanical"
friend back - my car - and it is purrrring - so am I!

I posted another card to you today while I was out.

Launceston is about to come out of "isolation", looks like we will get our
air ways working again, it has been so tough on everyone, especially the fresh
produce people who depended on planes for their living.

Day # 9 - Well I am still keeping busy and I have done another page on Butterflies.
A very touching (real) story.

Our Prime Minister announced today that "We Are at War", honouring the
commitment he made to President Bush while he was in America.
Our Services are being deployed and should be in the trouble zone shortly.
At this point it will be the Navy and Air Force, with special Land Force being held
at the ready.

Also the Anthrax threat hit our Launceston Mail Centre yesterday, all staff
had to be tested, it turned out to be a hoax.
There are some very "sick" people in this world.

Day # 10 - Please come soon, I am lonely, there is practically no communication
on the net, except for Marcia, which I appreciate.

I will definitely have to get serious about getting myself a replacement
for YOU. *grin*
Have put a Rainbow Story on my Rainbows page, it is one my cousin wrote many,
many years ago.
Elaunceston now have their new front page up and I have put something up
in a new section, will send you the URL later so that you can see us "plastered"
around their new section.

I found the History of Halloween so I have added it to my Legends Collection.
Today Marcia was asking if I had had any news of you, so I told her that I thought
you had "dumped" us both.
Oooh no, I hope not was her reply - I love teasing her.

  Day # 11 - Well I am still hanging in there tough, you must be feeling very lost
without being able to work on your passion - Subtlety.
I visit often, next best thing to getting mail and messages from you (I guess ?)
Yesterday was our Golden Wedding Day - AND I lost my Diamond Eternity ring
at the Supermarket.
George gave it to me for our Silver Anniversary, I feel sick at heart about it.

Day # 12 -
So you decided to come back after all *grin* it is good to see you
A RED LETTER DAY  Yeeeeaaaah 


With Lots of Love from Laurie

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22nd October 2001