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Laurie & Terry

Moments from Afar
Page idea & title by Terry

The beautiful red rose was given to me by Terry and I treasure
it greatly.
It seems to pop up on a lot of my sites :-)

By Laurie

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When out of touch, we still care about one another in our own
special ways.

By Terry

Within our friendship we have respect, each for the other.
A sprinkling of humor is scattered by both, and as time
passes our friendship deepens more and more.

By Laurie

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Sacred Moments

Given to me by Laurie on the birth of my second Daughter...

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Laurie's congratulatory welcome gift moved me and my entire
family beyond words.

Then later ...
In order to celebrate a special day in my life as a father & Alexia's
third year in this world, Laurie put her wonderful creativity to
work by making a Happy Birthday page for my daughter.

My entire family and I are so very touched and thankful to have
such a lovely person in our lives.

Given to me by Laurie when I was without my laptop...

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How sweet it is to be thought about when in computer doubt!

Given to me by Terry when I had my computer crash...

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A truly wonderful moment...it made me smile and brightened
up my day

Given to me by Laurie after my recent computer problems...

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My dear friend kept me updated with lovely prose (when my
Computer crashed) leaving my spirit high above the sky!

Given to me by Terry for my Golden Wedding Anniversary...

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Only an endearing, adopted Cyber Grandson could/would give
such a delightful gift! He made my heart sing.

Given to me by Terry "in friendship"...

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Received by me with much happiness, our friendship is
something I treasure more than gold.


I wonder what life has in store for us next?

So - You would like to see us?

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Laurie & Terry ... October 2001

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