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Midi - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Cannot have you missing out on any news ... now, can we?


This is what I was going to put up in our web log. I will find something else for there.

Why won't you talk to me? Sorry - too busy,
                                                                                                                                      too busy!

8th August


Hugs are meant for anyone, for whom we really care-
From your grandma to your neighbour, or a cuddly teddy bear

9th August

Have been busy keeping my  on things here, Subtlety is fine, Hands Across World
is sad as I am too, I keep wondering how you are feeling. Son Terry bought me a present
today, a pre-paid envelope for overseas so I can write to you.
I will wait until after the week-end to send it, give you a bit of space to adjust first.

10th August

Having a bad day today so started a new "fun" page to lift my spirits. Have started a
correspondence with Marcia, who wants to know all about Australia.

11th August

Today I decided it was a "graphic for you" day, does it look like you when you played?

12th August

Today - Wow you are back already, much earlier than we expected
- Red Letter Day-

Just came in to upload this so I can send it.

Oh Boy I really have missed you - Welcome back!

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