Finding Myself

Never give up, when one door closes another opens, and age
is not a factor to be considered.

How Cyber friends got me back on track!


As a young mother and housewife my life revolved around home and family.

By the time my children were in their teens I took a volunteer job with a Youth Club,
this led into a deep involvement with our State Gymnastic Association, where
I worked as an Administrator for around 20 years.
My lounge room rapidly became the State Office, taking up more and more space
as the years rolled by.

I found fulfilment in working for and with youngsters. During this period of my life
I discovered I had a brain lying dormant deep inside me and I revelled in using it.

My first computer came along in the eighties, work overload necessitated this move,
it was not easy going, as I had no one near to help me learn my way around it.

I also had no time for the fun side of computing.

Then along came retirement for Hubby - I retired also and we took a 15 month
break and toured around Australia in our caravan, it was great but I missed
my family and the many stages of growth in our grandchildren's lives.

Once home again, and with nothing to do, I fell into a deep depression. I was so lost,
I no longer had the wish to be just a housewife, and I was not eligible to join the
work force.
This depression lasted about 12 months!
What to do with myself?

I started going to Bingo sessions where you get to know a lot of people but
friendships were not formed easily
Bingo was not enough, it does not take brains to play Bingo or to win, just luck,
although the adrenalin rush, when able to be the one to call out Bingo was
great, it was also fleeting.


Most of this time my computer lay idle.
The family suggested I trade-in on a computer that would allow me to be on
the Internet.

What! - Me! - I am too old was my re-action.

A rocking chair is what I need!

Eventually I gave in and got linked up but only used email to keep in contact with
my family, who were a 3-hour drive away.

I tried ICQ - but being a self taught typist I needed to look at the keyboard as I typed,
so chat was passing me by and I would end up hopelessly lost.

Surfing the net I considered a pointless time wasting, frustrating pastime, I now
think I am quite efficient, but I have to be in the mood.

Then a simple "Build Your Own" homepage program caught my eye, but I had nothing
to say!
Ah, ah, thought I, what about recording the funny side of playing Bingo.
That was a lot of fun, time consuming and a challenge   for my mind.

This site,
Bingo Lovers was published in March 2000 when I was 71 years *Young*

But I still thought, "what is the point of it all" I did not think anyone except my
family would see it.

How wrong can you be - 12 months later I was close to having had 12,000 visitors,
many Guest Book entries and quite a number of people with whom
I exchanged emails.

I must admit I am very proud and happy to have achieved this, and the site is
still remaining popular.

The next change came when I needed to get a better computer, this time it was
a new IBM with 10 gigabytes and then the world became my oyster.

I discovered I could create in my "word" program, and have more control over many
areas - there was no holding me back then.

It was through this work that I met wonderful cyber friends and kept my sanity.

I am a great believer in "use it - or lose it", and I sure was using my brain I now.

These wonderful cyber friends have continued to support me in my work and
recently through the troubled times during my Hubby's illness.

To a person who had never had close friends, their love and caring brought out
the best in me, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


So it is to them I dedicate the following: -

"You're Special"

You're special to me, your someone I trust.
I treasure the topics that we have discussed.

I'm thankful for the times you have summoned a smile.
I'm grateful our paths have converged for a while.

I'm pleased by each confidence you have displayed.
I cherish these moments you've sought to persuade.

I'm touched by the gestures of kindness you've shown.
I've noticed how fast all our hours have flown.

I'm feeling the force of a friendship that's true.
I'm fortunate knowing a person like you.
Author Unknown


Thank you for sending me the things to make me think, laugh or smile.
For when I am down it makes the hurt go away, if only for a while.
That is why friends are so dear, just because they love you.

And you always know they're there to lend a listening ear and to take
away the blues.
It is also why I thank my God... for the friends he sends my way
For He knows we all need some cheer and support each and every day.

So to my wonderful friends I send a rose to you
Because I know that you all are my friends through and true.
In each of us is a special gift, for if we love one another
It can surpass so much pain and fear, and give help and love to others.

So take this rose my friend and hold it close to your heart
And always remember me, for we will never be apart ...
Author Unknown


 Permission given by the site owner for allowing me to use these poems
and the rose.


Laurie Seymour...May 2001