Australian Population
approx. 19 million

Tasmania known as the "Apple Isle" is my home.


"A Dream"

Let me begin this page with a quote......

"Nothing happens unless first a dream"
~Carl Sandburg~


My friend from France had the *dream* and together we
are working to make that dream come true.
We do hope you enjoy your visit.

A little about our friendship!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could walk and talk together!

I first met Terry by adding a link to his links page.
He then visited my site, signed my guest book and also
emailed me.
As a very polite person, I emailed back a thank you to him,
and somehow, from there, we continued to correspond -)

I think I was first drawn to him because of a page on his site,
it was a beautiful
**Tribute** to his Grandparents.

I must admit I re-visited his site a number of times because
that page touched my heart ...
... but I never told him of my extra visits.
I felt this reserved young man was a very caring person and
may be embarrassed by any over enthusing I may do.

I wonder what he will think when he reads this?

Gradually we became good friends; then came a time when
he could not help but learn my age, which is 72, and that
I was a grandmother, this I revealed in my site
"A Circle of Love"
I thought to myself 'Well there goes a lovely friendship'.

I am so glad I am able to say that I was, in this instance, a
very poor judge of character, and our friendship continues
to grow.
I am also happy to say that recently I nagged and nagged him
and he has now consented to use his
**Tribute** to his
Grandparents on this site.

A little about me!

Me - well - what can I say.

You already know my age. I have been married so long I have
to use both fingers and toes to add them up.

Well actually it will be 50 years next October.

We have a Daughter and a Son (He still lives at home).

My Daughter gave us 3 lovely Grand Daughters, one has given
us our first Great Grandchild, a dear little boy who has just
had his first birthday.

One more thing, I just    love  my computer,
without it, I would be lost and I could not chat to all the people
I have met.

I also would not have these beautiful awards I have received
for my various sites :-)
If you wish ...
Please visit them

A little about my town!
Population - 68,000

I Iive in Launceston, at the top of the State, it is the second
largest City in Tassie, and has many beautiful parks
and gardens.

This is an early photo of a Launceston City Square, which
houses this special fountain.

As I understand it - the fountain is over 150 years old and
landed at our port by mistake.
The ship was lost and it needed to be rid of the fountain which
they had been transporing from France.
As they could not take it back to France it was decided to
donate the fountain to the City of Launceston.
Today it is in the same location, Princes Square, but now
many years have passed and it iis surrounded by lovely
oak trees.

The whole square is a beautiful, cool oasis on a hot day, it is a
favourite place for workers, sitting under the canopy of shady
trees to have their lunch.

I always pass through this square on my way to play bingo,
I love rustling through the dry leaves in Autumn, and crush
acorns underfoot when they fall.

I guess I am just a big kid at heart!

A little about my state!
Population - 470,000

Some 200 plus years ago Tasmania was a penal settlement,
then came the first settlers to Hobart, our Capital City.
The government of William Pitt the Younger decided in August 1786
to establish a convict colony at Botany Bay.)

Tassie is the 2nd oldest State of Australia, and there are just
3 main cities - Hobart - Launceston - Devonport.

In the Midlands, at Ross, we also have the 3rd oldest bridge
in Australia, also the oldest continuously used bridge
in Australia.

The bridge is totally covered in carvings done by the convicts.

Tasmanian Aborigines have been traced back for over 35
thousand years.

Tasmania is an island that offers the visitor unique wildlife and
spectacular scenery, especially the South West, an area
that has hardly been touched by human hand.

It is and always has been free, unscarred by roadways,
unhindered by traffic, buildings and power lines.
Twentyone percent of Tasmania is National Park,
which is a world record.



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